Armey trapped US in big ditch

Reader Input
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During the run-up to the Iraq war, Republican Dick Armey, then-majority whip in the Congress, got a briefing from Dick Cheney purporting to show that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. To Armey’s credit, he smelled a rat. To his everlasting discredit he overcame his doubts and supported the war. Now Armey is guiding the Tea Party behind the scenes and channeling its anger toward the Obama administration and the Democratic majority in Congress. Armey was in a position to speak truth to power and help avert the disaster of 4,396 military deaths, $1 trillion of national treasure poured into the sands of Iraq and tremendous damage to America’s international standing. He showed no political courage at a critical moment in our history. Dick Armey is the ultimate Washington insider, manipulating the anger of grassroots conservatives who can’t admit what a mess the Bush/Cheney administration left in its wake. Following his surreptitious lead will again land us in a ditch. Brian Hassett, Meadow Vista