Arrogant cyclists increase

Reader Input
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I concur with Mr. Chaddock (Reader Input, July 22). I live in the Ophir area. A week ago Saturday as we were driving into Auburn on Bald Hill Road, two male cyclists were off their bikes, standing in the shadows beside the road chatting at the start of a dangerous blind curve. Not only were they hard to see due to the shade patterns, one of the men was actually standing three feet into the traffic lane. He turned, saw us slowing down, and seemed to be completely undisturbed by the fact that his presence required us to move into the opposing lane while being unable to see any oncoming vehicle. In retrospect we should probably have come to a complete stop and simply waited for him to remove himself from the road. Unfortunately this type of behavior seems to be becoming more common. I have tried not to get cranky about the riders in our area because it gives me pleasure to see them enjoying the beauty that I get to see and live in every day. What I would ask is that they simply try to be more aware of the safety issues they pose, as they have asked drivers to become more aware of their safety needs.  Maybe the visible presence of law enforcement during some of these events would help protect all involved and serve as a reminder that the laws are to be obeyed by all of us, no matter how many wheels we are riding on. Chris Shannon, Auburn