The art of photography

By: Loryll Nicolaisen, Journal features editor
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Jerry Berry realizes there’s more to a photograph then what he might see when capturing an image. “Photography has a long history, as we all know, and a lot of what people think about photography is capturing a particular moment, capturing what was there,”said the Meadow Vista photographer. “There’s possibilities that are there and it takes a little work on my side to draw out those possibilities. It’s not necessarily what’s there but what could be there.” Berry, along with Lisa Bone and Michael Larson, are the three featured artists for the month of July at the Auburn Old Town Gallery, located at 218 Washington St. Carol Bellamy is a fellow artist at the Auburn Old Town Gallery. “When I first saw it I was really excited because it’s not like most photography you see in a gallery,” she said of Berry’s photos. “It’s almost like an abstract painting, in a way.”