Reader Input

Ask not what Washington can do for you

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This letter is for those of you who plan to vote for President Obama on Nov. 6.
If he loses, and I hope he does, then in the coming months and years as the recovery occurs and America gets back on track – more jobs, lower the deficit, no tax increases, more credibility around the world – your mistake will be forgotten and you and your children will enjoy living in a country that we had in the 200-plus years (not a socialist country like Greece).
However, if he wins a second term, then you will have to live with the thought that you contributed to the continued decline of America into a socialist country where the government controls almost everything, and becomes bankrupt just like Greece. Is this what you want for your children/grandchildren?
Please think about the future of our country as you vote, and not what Washington can give to you. Washington is bankrupt!