Assign teen to public service

Reader Input
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It is incredible and appalling that an Eagle Scout, a boy “highly active in a variety of sports,” who “participates in community service programs with his church,” would, with the apparent approval of his family, hack a possum to death and post a video of the hacking and the death on his Facebook page (Journal, Sept. 26). The possum’s offense? Being a “pest.” It had “hissed” and “been in the garbage can numerous times.” Well, that certainly justifies its death and the extremely brutal manner of its death, doesn’t it? Did the ostensibly exemplary boy or anyone in his family think of calling animal control or trapping the possum for relocation, or dispatching it in a humane manner? (Think of the options open to them!) Apparently not. Now what? As the animal rights advocate said, no one wants to ruin this boy’s life. But surely some comeuppance is called for. How about his being required to help SPCA or an animal rescue organization for at least two years? How about his being required to form an animal rescue organization of his own? Or maybe he should be forced to watch his Facebook video over and over until he is sickened, shamed and deeply sorry. Sandra Reeves, Auburn