AT&T says improved cell phone service could take some time

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An Auburn resident expressed concerns about the lack of improvement in his cell phone reception after the recent construction of a cell phone tower near his home, while an AT&T representative said that could take some time. Scott Liske, a supervising State Parks ranger for the Auburn State Recreation Area, who lives near the new AT&T monopine tower off Borland Avenue, said Thursday he hadn’t noticed an improvement in the service at his home or in the canyon after reading a Thursday article in the Journal about the tower being on-air. Lane Kasselman, spokesman for AT&T, said while the tower is live, it isn’t completely tuned yet. The tuning process is expected to begin after the company is completely done with the site, and could take a few months. The tower will then be continually tuned during its existence, Kasselman said. Liske said he thinks the new tower is a good idea, especially if it can provide service to those recreating in the canyon, which is important. “As an AT&T customer and Auburn resident I was looking forward to the tower coming online,” Liske said. ~Bridget Jones