Auburn gets into the music

Reader Input
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I wanted to write a quick note about a band I saw perform at the Club Car a few weeks ago. They are called Abandon Theory and they absolutely blew me away! I attend all kinds of live music events in the northern Cali region, and this band really got my blood pumping. I was extremely impressed by their ability to keep the dance music going all night long. I think they only took one five minute break the entire evening as people packed the bar looking for good music to dance to. I enjoyed Abandon Theory?s sound and vibe as it reminded me of a fusion between Jack Johnson and Sublime. I?m not sure what the best way would be to accurately describe their sound, so here goes my attempt; ?acoustic rock, mixed with reggae, folk, funkiness, and more.? I hope this group is invited back to the Club Car or at least able to return to the area. Although I am from Sacramento and just happened to be at the Club Car that night for a friend?s birthday, I am now a definite fan and can?t wait to see them play again. Half of this credit is due to the people of Auburn who were not hesitant to enjoy each other?s company and were friendly even to strangers! It?s not often that I can listen to a band play all night long and not get bored with their material while at the same time actively being part of a crowd; excited, and encouraging the musicians on stage. Great job to Abandon Theory and the town of Auburn, California! Raquel Hernandez, Sacramento