Auburn growing too fast for itself

Reader Input
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I have seen a lot of vacant buildings in Auburn lately. I wonder why city planners keep approving stores and office buildings, and builders keep asking to have buildings approved. I guess some people see an empty lot and think that since it’s empty it needs to be used. When they build on it, though, it’s still not being used. It’s just filled up with an empty building. I believe Auburn would be a much more beautiful place if there were more trees and not so many vacant buildings. There are plenty of empty office buildings and stores, but builders just continue building anyway. All these buildings add up and this makes Auburn look like a town that’s growing too fast for itself. I think the worst thing is when they tear down all the trees, clear and grade the land and then just leave the lot to sit there. I know this is because of money, but if the builders don’t have enough money, why start building in the first place? Does Auburn have a city planner? DEAN BECKER, Auburn, student