Auburn has great choices

Reader Input
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This is a banner year for Auburn voters. Seldom has there been a more qualified slate of candidates for Auburn City Council than the one we will choose from this November. The four principal contenders, Bridget Powers, Mike Holmes, Kevin Hanley and Bob Snyder, each bring significant gifts and talents to the table. And these are gifts and talents that we do not have to guess at or assume. They have been demonstrated in past performance by each one. Given what we face as a city over the next few years, two of these candidates stand out clearly for me: Bob Snyder and Kevin Hanley. I believe that we have our best chance of successfully navigating the political and economic twists and turns that lie ahead with these two men in leadership positions. I am not yet fully decided on my third choice, but I rest in the certainty that either Mike or Bridget will do a credible and valuable job. Congratulations to all these candidates for very civil and high-road campaigns. It is refreshing, and a model that we can only wish our state and federal office-seekers would follow. Join me in putting Bob Snyder and Kevin Hanley where they can make significant contributions and move Auburn forward in the years immediately ahead … seated on the Auburn City Council. Wayne Manning, Auburn