Auburn man bowls perfect game for fourth time

By: Ashley Baer/Journal Staff Writer
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To achieve perfection in sports takes skill, determination and sometimes just a little bit of luck. For most people, it never happens. For others, it happens only once. But Auburn bowler Aaron Claydon has struck perfection four times. Last Monday night, while bowling with his league team Awesome Lock and Key at Foothills Bowl, Claydon, playing alternating frames on two lanes, knocked down all 10 pins 12 times in a row for the elusive perfect score — 300. “When you get close to a 300 (point game), you get nervous,” said Claydon, 38, who was 19 when he bowled his first perfect game. “This one, I didn’t really think about it until the 10th frame. I didn’t get nervous until the 11th ball.” Though Claydon has bowled the equivalent of a hole-in-one four times, the thrill of the achievement remained. “It was still exciting, though on a different level,” Claydon said. “It was exciting to be there shooting in front of my dad.” Claydon’s dad plays on his Monday night league team and has seen his son’s last two perfect games. What’s next for Claydon? “One of these days, I’m looking to shoot 800” (the combined score of three games played back to back to back on the same night, which means bowling the equivalent of a 300 and two 250-point games in one series), he said. Though he has achieved his sport’s highest accomplishment — four times, nonetheless — after two decades, it can become tedious. “Bowling’s like anything. Sometimes you get burned out on it,” Claydon said. “There were times when I didn’t care about bowling, but then I still do today. It’s just fun.”