Auburn parade an ‘apolitical’ event

Reader Input
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I wanted to clarify several points in regards to your Nov. 6, Veterans for Peace article. Our Veterans Day Parade Event committee voted to accept the Veterans for Peace application for the parade based upon the fact that they agreed to comply with the parade guidelines. We were not influenced by any outside communications. Our committee works year-round to raise funds for the parade, veterans commendation medals and the complimentary community lunch program. The event is to “Honor All Veterans, Past and Present.” It is an apolitical event. In the past 15 years I have worked with thousands of veterans representing all branches of the military, serving in every war back to World War I, and I have never met a veteran who did not wish for peace. This year’s parade theme is “Welcome Home, Vietnam Vets.” We invite the community to come out and show their gratitude for the men and women who have sacrificed so much so that we may enjoy our everyday freedoms. Cynthia L. Haynes, Auburn area Veterans Day event chairman