Auburn project ill-advised

Reader Input
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I think that the Palm Street Project is a waste of money and there is no need for the widening of the street (Journal, Oct. 12). The almost million dollars can be used for more important things like improving Auburn’s education and new technology for schools. I don’t think that anyone even walks home that way. I have only seen some five students that even walk to school and back. I don’t think that the taxpayers would want $86,000 of their hard-earned tax money spent on something that is just wasted on something that is useless to everyone. Most of the kids that live over by the library walk on the path that leads to the amphitheater and to the library. Even if they consider starting the project I don’t think that they would need to widen the street by 40 feet. One thing that Auburn needs to focus on instead of the sidewalk project is on the stoplights that are not working properly by the Raley’s shopping center. This is one reason why most people hate paying taxes, because they are not using it for useful things; they just waste it on useless things like this. HARJOT SIDHU, student, Auburn