Auburn puts on a grand parade

Reader Input
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I would like to thank the Auburn Police Department and the City of Auburn workers for helping to expedite the permit for the Saint Paddy’s Day Parade. I read the Journal’s front-page article Monday, March 15, about no parade and immediately went to A.P.D. to fill out the application. Many thanks to the local fire departments who supported, participated and even led the parade with lights-a-flashin’ and sirens a-howlin’. Thanks also to the Model A Club, the 1925 Chevy, the black ’62 T-Bird, and the convertible with the little Miss Auburns in it. I started this parade back in 1976 to kick off my campaign for judge, along with Paul Ebert, Mike McConahey and Gene Meyers. Through thick and thin, it has gone on every year. I do not think a permit should be required, as it has been 34 years; it should be an Auburn tradition and one of our many cultural and festive events. BOB YOUNG, Auburn