Auburn Rec board cuts its pay

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The Auburn Area Recreation and Parks District board of directors voted unanimously to cut their own pay Thursday night. The directors currently make $500 a month for serving on the board, but beginning April 1 and ending March 31, 2013, directors will take a 10 percent, or $50, cut. Before the vote Director Gordon Ainsleigh asked District Administrator Kahl Muscott a question regarding staff pay. “I was wondering if any member of the staff have taken wage cuts?” Ainsleigh asked. Muscott said ARD staff haven’t taken cuts in wages, but some have taken cuts in hours. “Overall staff has taken a lot of cuts,” said Director Scott Holbrook. “Hours is money.” Director Curt Smith said although the cut would only bring the district $3,000 in savings, he thought it was important to take it. “$3,000 is $3,000, don’t get me wrong,” Smith said. “It’s not the biggest amount of money in the whole world. I just think it would be a good thing for the board to do to show its support for what’s being spent (by the district).” ~Bridget Jones