Auburn rich in service clubs

Reader Input
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I would like to thank you for acknowledging and explaining so wonderfully what Soroptimist International of Auburn does in your editorial (Editor’s View, March 23). Our club is one of thousands of Soroptimist organizations worldwide that is dedicated to helping women and girls. While we are the oldest Soroptimist club in Auburn, we are blessed with not just one, but three Soroptimist clubs. Besides our club there is Soroptimist International of Historic Auburn and our newest club, Soroptimist International of the American River. All of these organizations raise funds and give out similar scholarships and awards that benefit our local community. Auburn is rich in service clubs and in each of these organizations there are hundreds of volunteers who give continuously of their time and effort to support and make Auburn the very amazing place that it is. Thank you for taking the time to feature our club and point out all the good that it does. Cheryl Maki, Auburn