Auburn Symphony supplies a thrill without ‘stunts’

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Response to Our View – “Symphony must increase its scale,” (Journal, March 25). Exactly how do you get that the Auburn Symphony support base does not include every Auburn resident and just “music aficionados?” Every Auburn Symphony program has something for everyone. Maestro Michael Goodwin chooses diverse, interesting and often well-known compositions, and generously gives the audience a listening guide and brief history before every performance. The symphony does reach out to the community with small groups playing in senior residences, small groups performing at various community events and fundraisers and, of course, Music on the Green. As to the suggestion that more “popular” selections be chosen ... it is not the Auburn Pops. It is the Auburn Symphony. If I want to hear the Star Wars theme I’ll pop in a CD and listen to it in all its recorded and sanitized perfection. I want to experience what I don’t know and haven’t heard. There may be grand scenery on the American River but the logistics of performing there are daunting and wouldn’t fund the symphony coffers. The Auburn Symphony provides a very rare chance to see and hear world-class musicians perform in a small, intimate theater setting. That is where the symphony shines, that is where people need to make the effort to go see it. It is absolutely unique and raises the cultural bar of this community. We are all capable of rising to that bar, appreciating it and supporting it financially without resorting to pops music and scenery stunts. Send a donation, buy a ticket, and experience the thrill of a live symphony performance. You won’t be disappointed! Janet Crosby Auburn