Bag bashers uninformed

Reader Input
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I have a different opinion on the blue bag program than that expressed in the recent letter published over the names of (Mr. Bob) Robinson and (Mr. Kevin) Brady (Reader Input, Jan. 31). In my view, this program encourages separation at the source of the waste stream. It offers an excellent model for efficient recycling of useful materials – one that our young people can easily learn by observation and, hopefully, internalize for the future, as opposed to dumping everything into a garbage can with no regard as to whether an item is recyclable or not. Is that what we want to encourage? This principle formed the basis for the city of Auburn’s laudable policy decision to continue its program, at a very small cost. Robinson and Brady simply declare the program “impractical,” “non-essential” and “unviable,” without offering a single reason for, or fact supporting these unfounded opinions. Such opinions send the wrong message to our young people. To make matters worse, their uninformed “legal opinion” regarding the California Environmental Quality Act is plainly erroneous. I have spoken at length with Mr. Dickinson and with Mr. John Lane of Recology, the county’s solid waste contractor. Neither expressed the irresponsible opinions and conclusions mentioned above. WILLIAM CARNAZZO, Foresthill