Bailiff should have gotten help fast

Reader Input
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If Deputy (John) Caliguire had .31 to .33 blood alcohol in November he was at a level that would kill almost anybody else (Journal, March 25). College binge drinkers usually die at the .22/.23 level. He should have been placed on medical leave and ordered to participate in live-in alcohol treatment until he was declared fit for duty. He is an extreme sufferer of a very treatable disease. Law enforcement is high-stress work and cops often medicate themselves with alcohol. The sheriff should have had policies and procedures in place to take action in November. One doesn’t get to the .31/.33 level overnight and it is a very safe bet that Wednesday was not the first day Caliguire showed up for work intoxicated. It is a little late for Lt. (Jeff) Ausnow and the Placer County Sheriff’s Department to be crowing about how fast they acted. PAUL W. COMISKEY, Newcastle