Ban ag traffic from roadways

Reader Input
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Ms. Lisa Miller says her friends and neighbors like to drive livestock trucks around our country roads and she feels that bicycles are a nuisance (“Country roads unsafe for bicyclists,” Reader Input, June 27). She says we should ban them because they are not safe. I and a number of my friends and neighbors like to ride our motorcycles and sports cars around our beautiful rural roads, often at higher speeds. The biggest nuisance we encounter is livestock and other agricultural trucks; huge, slow-moving, top-heavy behemoths, they often refuse to pull over at turnouts and back up all traffic behind them. Trying to pass them can truly be a hazard. Therefore, I think the government should ban livestock and other large produce trucks from our public roads except for a few designated hours or maybe late at night. Surely Lisa and her friends would agree. As she herself says, “this is all about safety.” TODD WILLIAMS, Sacramento