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Battle to protect Clover Valley far from over

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For the time being, three respected plaintiffs have lost a court case that would have helped save Clover Valley (Journal, Feb. 10). As disappointing as the decision is, the battle is not over. The judge either overlooked or ignored the compelling evidence and strong arguments that proved the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) had been violated. His attitude seems to be, “They were only little violations.” Where law and order is concerned, it all matters. There is no such plea as “just a little guilty.” Rocklin is almost at build out, now being held hostage to volatile housing markets and economic downslides. A unique regional historic nature preserve of a caliber that only Clover Valley can offer would bring millions of clean tourist dollars to the city, as well as educational opportunities, if officials would only take their blinders off. A consortium of buyers is still the way to go, but in the meantime, we can only hope that Clover Valley Foundation, the Sierra Club, and the town of Loomis will pursue all legal options available. Jake O’Rourke Loomis