Be ready when bears come

Reader Input
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Re: ?Bear spotted on Terrace Street,? (Journal May 1): I agree that trash cans should be put outside in the morning in case of rummaging animals. It is common for bears to be spotted around Terrace Street. But for residents to request the animals be removed is inconsiderate. I know that some people are worried for their children?s safety. I would be, too, but you live there and you have to get used to it. Also, those people haven?t asked in many years to have a bear shot, as said in the article. I know that some people may not have time in the morning to put their trash cans outside. Also, I know that if you are like me, you do put it outside at night because you would forget. I think that the animals come to eat out of your trash cans because some of them were raised to live off trash. They also come and eat and rummage because they are attracted to the scent of food. They are like dogs when they get into my stuff and eat and check out everything. So next time you put your trash can outside be sure you?re ready in case of nearby animals. KENNEDY SKINNER-PLUNKETT, student, Auburn