Beef up sports events security

Reader Input
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“Battered Giants fan heads to rehab,” (Journal, Oct. 11). I am glad that (Giants fan) guy is OK from that beating outside the Dodger Stadium. I must ask, “How do things like this happen?” Don’t they have guards keeping an eye on everybody if something goes wrong? This isn’t the only time someone has been attacked, either. It has happened multiple times to fans at sports events, and, in some cases people have been shot! Sometimes the two people push each other to assault each other, or it could be some random drunk fan out of his mind. Who does that kind of thing, anyway? People that would just hurt people for no reason, or the most ridiculous reasons, are crazy. Sometimes people get attacked for personal reasons, which sometimes are understandable. I think more security guards should be posted around sporting or large events to prevent attacks. I know that won’t stop the attacks outside the events, but that’s what the police are for. The security managers should really keep an eye on things if they aren’t. JOSH MURRY, student, Auburn