Behind the Signature: Gene Baker

A visit with the Journal’s letter contributors.
By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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Gene Baker Lives in: Meadow Vista, 40 years. “Horses were going down the street when we got here.” Career: Retired contractor/owner of Baker Roofing. “We did residential and commercial. I had six trucks and 12 employees.” Wife Karen has been a teacher’s aide at Sierra Hills for 40 years. “She loves the kids and the kids love her.” Has two daughters and five grandchildren. “I’m ‘Daddy’ to my daughters and I’m very proud they still call me that.” Writing to the Journal: “It’s absolutely a good forum for the community to express their points of view. You see all kinds of attitudes. I like to write. My daughters are trying to encourage me to write of my childhood in Modesto, living in a government housing project for low-income families, mostly moms.” Does for fun: “I built a gigantic treehouse for the grandchildren. Raced motorcycles a lot of years. Got an award for being a mentor for teenage boys from dysfunctional families.” Most recent letter: “There’s always plenty of stupid,” Nov. 21