Behind the Signature: Ron Rothe

By: Anne Papineau
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Ron Rothe: Lives in: Newcastle. ”I moved up to be near my son, and he up and moved to Hawaii.” This father of three lived in Southern California — “a wonderful place to be from,” and was a contractor in Grants Pass, Ore. His teen years were lived in India, where his father was a missionary doctor after the partition of India and Pakistan. Career: Besides contractor, Rothe worked 26 years as a laboratory analyst in Hemet Valley Hospital. Writing to the Journal: “I really appreciate the ability to dialogue with people. Even if you disagree, you can always learn. A sense of fairness and equal opportunity really gets to me. The bicycles and the traffic really get to me, the unfairness of the motorists has hit a sore point.” Does for fun: “I have an old house I’m fixing up. I like to hike. I love my dog, an 11-pound Chihuahua that just got in a fight and lost to a skunk. I work at St. Vincent de Paul in Roseville and enjoy the camaraderie. They’re a really delightful group of people. We all do something benefical for the community.” Most recent letter: “Let motorists exercise caution,” Sept. 29