Behind the Signature: Rosalie Wohlfromm wohlfromm

By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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Lives in: Auburn, full-time since 1993. Job: Retired from Gottschalk’s as a certified bra fitter. A tip: “You have to have at least three bras.” Favorite topics: “I’m a Democrat, so I always go with the underdog. I’m annoyed with our congressman, Tom McClintock. I know he’s a god here, but he doesn’t represent me. I volunteered a lot of years at Planned Parenthood and they do a lot more than abortions. I know a lot of people who can’t get COBRA, don’t have health insurance.” Does for fun: I volunteered many years with Hospice. They were a godsend when my husband was ill. I still get together with my volunteers. I’m from New York, and if I don’t do the New York Times crossword in the morning, I go crazy.” Most recent letter: “Ted Gaines forced special election,” April 21 ~ Anne Papineau