Behind the Signature: Teresa Kenworthy

By: Anne Papineau
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. TERESA KENWORTHY Lives in: Auburn, 23 years. She and husband Ken have two daughters, ages 18 and 14. “He likes to do the same things as I: mountain and road cycling, alpine and backcountry skiing. He writes letters to the editor sometimes.” Job: Operates Kenworthy Court Reporting. “In my job as a court reporter I play a silent role. I take down someone else’s spoken word in a shorthand language and translate it into the written word. By the time a case gets to trial, people are very passionate about trying to communicate their point and even though I don’t get to ask questions or share my thoughts, I try to grasp what they are trying to convey to the court and jurors to keep it interesting for me.” Writing to the Journal: “I think writing the letters to the editor is another outlet for me to communicate my thoughts, ideas and feelings with people in our community. I also enjoy reading what others have to say in their letters. Good communication and understanding between my husband, children, friends, neighbors and people I work with is highly important to me.” Most recent letter: “Consider the Idaho stop law,” July 6