Better rethink kiosk clutter

Reader Input
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This is directed at the “plans” of the latest Leadership Auburn class for a touchscreen kiosk (Journal, Nov. 30). First of all, the building they are discussing putting this so-called kiosk in front of is not the Pawnbrokers building. It is the Masonic Lodge and it has historical status. Numerous people worked hard throughout the community to achieve historical status and then fund the dramatic Gladding-McBean facade restoration. The Auburn Community Foundation was among the donors who made the restoration possible. It is the only building left of the original town square of Auburn. Further clutter in front of this building borders on a sacrilege. The approximately $30,000 cost of this kiosk might be better invested in realigning the corner as a safety factor given the turn radius issues. And, finally, the city of Auburn needs to consider how much more “stuff” they are planning on adding to this corner. Has the city authorized this kiosk project? If so, the forward direction of this clutter adventure needs to be revisited as soon as possible. PAT WHITECHAT MILLER, Auburn