Big box calls for campus setting

Reader Input
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The major voter bones of contention for location of the big box stores are ingress and egress and signage exposure to I-80, not the like businesses they will attract. Auburn’s politicians and community-hired help should consider lining the pockets of the voters first with earnings before making decisions on too small a parcel for a future business campus anchored by these willing employers. Auburn offers the airport transportation availability, connected directly to I-80, and a big box business campus connection to future growth of the Sacramento-to-Reno light rail system. The squabbling over the unwanted site confuses creative demographic planning that will bring the additional jobs the big box stores will also attract to the new business campus location. The selected site is all about location, location, location and future jobs, jobs, jobs. The present site decision is all about elections. Any decision on location could include a tax-free exchange to move the developer’s equity to a community acceptable site that includes betterment for the big box stores, as well. Old Town Auburn access cannot handle the heavy vehicle traffic flow spawned by large retailers, nor can noncommercial streets. A campus site must be created. Bob Seidlitz, Auburn