Big business lost moral compass

Reader Input
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Why are Americans clogging intersections in large and small cities from New York to Portland? In my opinion, it isn’t complicated. The protesters are desperately trying to show the nation that they believe the American people are no longer being fairly represented within the economic structure of this country. We live in a society borne of a culture in which greed has been permitted, and often encouraged, with little concern for overall social accountability – the consequences of one’s behavior. This was not the intent of our founders. I believe that our system is failing because the majority of our institutions have no regard for, or feel any social responsibility for, the country as a whole. America’s corporations have lost their moral compass, and if you suggest this they cry socialism. Corporations simply have all the money and power to influence anything they want, and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision put the icing on the cake. Where in our current culture are the social goals that ensure that pursuing greed does not mean making victims out of Americans? Who is protecting us? Who insures that there is balance? Walt Bader, Grass Valley