Big fight needs to start … now

Reader Input
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The U.S. Congress and Senate need to stop kicking the can down the road while the debt races on! Political games can no longer be played when the country is in danger of economic collapse. The constitutional Republicans in the House, who have the backs of “we the people” (for now) must fire the shot that will be heard around America. Yes, they must insist on the cuts they promised: $61 billion more. I suggest: no new highway construction {$30 billion); no state bail-outs ($12 billion); no new infrastructure ($15 billion); and no more subsidies for PBS ($4 billion). The country can function for a few years without these things and seniors, children and the poor will not be seriously affected. I got this idea from a book called “Revolt” by Dick Morris. All Americans who are truly interested in preventing the economic and moral collapse of this country (and that surely must include many liberals, too) should read this book as well as Mike Huckabee’s ”A Simple Government.” These two men offer specific solutions to our current crisis that do not include spending or taxing our way to prosperity. CLAUDIA TAYLOR, Auburn