Big oil backs Proposition 23

Reader Input
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Proposition 23 is deceptively named “California Jobs Initiative.” Supporters claim that Prop. 23 will save 1.1 million jobs. I could find nothing to support this claim, nor does the website explain this. If Prop. 23 would save 1.1 million jobs, organized labor would voice their support for Prop. 23. To the contrary; organized labor is vigorously opposed to Prop. 23, saying it will result in significant job loss. Do your own search to confirm this. Over 90 percent of support for Prop. 23 comes from out-of-state oil companies like Tesoro, Valero and the Koch brothers. They’ve spent millions to promote Prop. 23. Jobs have nothing to do with it; it’s all about keeping gas prices high by stopping alternate energy.   Billions have been invested in California’s promising alternate energy programs and green industry jobs are growing at a much higher rate than others. But this will all come to a stop if Prop. 23 is passed, because the incentives will be gone. It’s easy to conclude that the Yes On Prop. 23 campaign is in the pocket of big oil, and cares little about jobs. If you want more jobs for Californians, vote No on Prop 23.   Ron PAITICH, Auburn