Bird mess is small price to pay for joy of swallows

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I’m so glad that someone has spoken up about the expensive, short-term, and negative solution to the swallows at the Historic Courthouse, Journal editorial, Aug. 17. I wanted to let you know that Placer County has dealt with this problem before, and found out they could not remove the swallows that had set up house on the new Juvenile Detention Facility. They were allowed to remove the nests after they were vacated, but the swallows came back and built new ones. Maybe they liked the location, who knows? I work there and every morning that they are in residence I, along with others, always look to see if babies have fledged and we enjoy watching their daring, darting flights over the day. Yes, there is stuff to clean up below. How many mothers are now laughing at spending $36,000 to try to prevent something that is pretty easy to deal with if done in a timely manner? Although sometimes a gas-mask would be welcomed, I admit. Oh, did I mention that every day they eat massive amounts of the same insects that irritate most of us? I have to wonder why the county would make such a negative (and unfounded from past experience) decision. Who has the numbers of people infected by mites from this particular flock? Is this a bird sanctuary or not? Mary Jo Smith Auburn