Birthplace issue will not go away

Reader Input
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I can’t begin to tell how many goofy e-mails I have received on the issue of the president’s birthplace. I must admit that I myself really do not know. So where does this go? I have some real strong reservations on this issue. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swore in Barack Obama as our 44th president. My first issue here is: Did Judge Roberts do this without ensuring that Obama’s qualifications for the nation’s highest office were in order? If there is an infraction here then both Obama and Roberts should both be removed from office. I can’t believe that one of the nation’s top nine legal minds would have been that inept. I hardly believe that the screwball talk show pundits will let this issue die as that is one of their bread-and-butter money-makers. In the meantime perhaps the goofy e-mails will let up. Paul McDaniel, Auburn