Blame the electorate, not cable news

Reader Input
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What does Fox News have to do with anything? I am always amazed that when someone writes their opinion in the Auburn Journal, and others don?t agree is because of Fox News or some other news channel. As the legislative branch of government gives up more and more of its required duties (to any sitting president no matter what party), a president, even the current one, or the next could become a king. It?s not the news ? it is we the voters who are to blame. We allow our elected representatives to not do their jobs, to pass laws that they haven?t read or understand ? health care ? the Patriot Act just to name a few but the list would go on. Let?s not forget that not too long ago both the House and Senate, except for one member of the House, voted to give any sitting president the power to send troops anywhere in the world in the guise of to fight terrorism. While it has become an accepted practice since President (Dwight D.) Eisenhower for a president to send a budget, it really is the job of the House. The nice thing about the Internet is the Congressional Record and the voting record of each member of the legislative branch past and current can be found. C-SPAN as well, along with countless other sites where you can hear what comes out of the horse?s mouths. It is really up to us not just cable news. Stephen Lentz, Auburn