Blame game getting really, really old

Reader Input
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I am getting tired of reading letters, blogs, comments (on the) subject of blame. Life has taught me that as long as I am into the blame game I cannot find a solution. Personal experience has shown me that blaming keeps me in the past. Letting it go allows me to move forward and find a solution. We need to move forward, folks. Let go of the blame and collectively present solutions for our current economic and social issues. Blaming individuals, political parties, corporations, special interest groups, environmentalists, the rich, the poor, etc. is really a moot point at this time; and also counter-productive. We all contributed in some way to what brought us to our current political, economical, financial and social deterioration and breakdown. We all played a part in tearing a thread of the fabric of our great country. We were either active or inactive participants in creating our current country’s problems. We have the tools today more than ever that allow our collective voices to be heard. Let’s use our tools to come up with positive solutions and stop the blame game. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista