Bly-Chester stands out in crowd

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Had a chance to hear an interview of (Assembly candidate) Cheryl (Bly-Chester) by Eric Hogue on the radio the other morning and I’ve got to say that this candidate is far above her competitors for the District 4 seat. Wow! She has got it together and those of you who will be given the privilege to vote (for her) will not be disappointed. As far as John Allard is concerned, he is part of that old machine that we defeated in November. He was part of that mindset working for Tim Leslie that we threw out in November and as Tim Leslie says “John was my chief of staff for 11 years and knows how the building works.” Well, that’s not what we need. Cheryl is fresh, very smart(Ph.D.), and an accomplished business owner of an engineering firm, who knows firsthand how government impacts a small business. And guess what? Their is no nepotism attached to her candidacy. Beth Gaines is probably a good mother and wife to Ted but that does not entitle her to go to the public trough. One is enough in her family. I just wish that (Kirk) Uhler’s family had the integrity to say no to (Placer County CEO) Tom Miller when Tami Uhler was offered her position via the back door. I’ve heard that it was legal but it still stinks. JAMES MCKESSON, AUBURN