Bongo mama roots on Colfax

By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Name: Moe Rawlings Occupation: School Secretary at Sierra Hills School in Meadow Vista Player's name, team and number: Blake Rawlings, Colfax High School JV Team, No. 17 Q: Why do you love going to the Colfax games? A: “I’m a sports nut in general, but the best part about it is that we have a great group of boys with very supportive families.” Q: What compels you to show so much spirit? A: “I was head cheerleader back in my high school days, so I’m thinking it started way back then.” Q: What do you do to show your spirit for the team? A: “Blake’s first Jr. Falcon Game I brought some small bongos so the boys could hear me and I have been banging bongos ever since. I moved up to bigger bongos when he started high school and I think I’m going to get even bigger ones when they move up to varsity.” Q: What game or moment has been your favorite so far this season? A: My most favorite game was beating Placer on Friday. My most favorite moment was also on Friday and that was when my son scored his first high school touchdown! Q: What do you enjoy about high school football? A: “It’s such a small window of time, but yet the memories last a lifetime.” Q: How does your life change during football season? How much of your time is dedicated toward it? A: “Our life is much busier. We help with fundraising before the season starts and during the season often you can find my husband and I flipping the best burgers in the league at home games.” Q: What is your favorite phrase, chant or cheer that you like to shout out during games? A: “I think my bongo banging is what I’m most noted for, but some fellow fans have commented that they can hear me cheering from the parking lot, hopefully that’s a good thing.”