Booster seating great idea to fund stadium

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Regarding Reserved seating at Del Oro would exclude citizens, Your Views, Feb. 20. Mr. O'Rourke's comments deserve a rebuttal. Del Oro has educated and skilled three of my children, all either in college or on their way. As a 10-year Loomisite, I have waited patiently for any type of improvement at the previously known Lake Del Oro. Through the hard work, kindness, time and financial commitments of families, administration, civilians, students, and local businesses, we now have a stadium I am proud to play host to for any school in our area. We do need to do more, but it is very apparent this will only happen with the continued support of those listed above. It is by these means, and Del Oro administrators' perseverance, that we rely. Booster seating is another tremendous idea by an administration and teaching staff forced to look beyond the limits of our school districts' budgets. Let them continue on the path that has clearly succeeded with what is most important ¦ the students. It's not about us Mr. O'Rourke. Chris Huppe Loomis