Bottom line more important than people

Reader Input
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 Dear Mr. (Mitch) Hanna, CEO of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital: It was disappointing to read of the possible closure of the SAFH Family Birthing Center (Journal, May 3). Being one of the founding families of the hospital, service to our community should be your primary concern and focus. Where will pregnant mothers with only Medi-Cal coverage go for delivery, since Roseville does not accept (all of) them at the present time? I felt this same great disappointment with your decision (a couple of years ago) to close the Rehabilitation Department at SAF Hospital. In these tough economic times, it may be better for the bottom line, but comes at a high price for the patients. The bottom line, apparently, becomes more important than service and convenience for the patients. This is especially true for segments of our society who can least afford to drive longer distances and have no voice in the matter. Please reconsider your decision and do what is right for our great community of Auburn and surrounding areas. Ann Schnetzler, Auburn