Breed-specific laws worthless

Reader Input
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It appears you have chosen to accept the knee-jerk reporting about pitbulls, and have sided with the animal rights terrorists with regard to mandatory spay/neuter (Our View, May 28). I wonder, what makes anyone think that a neutered animal is safer than an intact one? Does the City Council really believe that simply spaying or neutering will somehow keep its residents safe? Let me guarantee you, suddenly every pitbull owner will magically have a “show” dog, and will bypass that anyway. As a reputable breeder/-exhibitor/groomer for over 30 years I adamantly oppose any law that is breed-specific. I do however, just as adamantly, agree in favor of aggressive dog laws. There is no excuse for aggressive behavior in any breed. As a groomer, I have never been bitten by any “bully” breed. I have been bit by cockers, schnauzers, Chihuahuas and a Samoyed. (All were neutered.) Please don’t give in to the media hysteria and pass laws that are unenforceable and discriminatory. Absolutely enforce responsible pet ownership. I am in favor of spay/neuter, but maintain that it should be up to each owner to choose. I always advise pet owners to seriously consider altering as it does help with housebreaking and has health benefits as well. There are people who can properly care for 100 dogs better than others can care for one. Please stop chipping away at our property rights! Shawn Brown, Auburn Editor’s note: The Journal editorial advocated to spay and neuter all breeds. It did not support breed-specific codes or laws.