Bridge barrier a good idea

Reader Input
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Reading today’s (Journal, Nov. 17) comments on the Foresthill Bridge, I hope readers with concerns or questions about reducing suicides from the bridge would look at studies about this topic. Google supplies abundant entries on “Bridge Suicide Studies.” The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention concludes that “prevention barriers on bridges have been effective at reducing suicide.” Other studies have come to the same conclusion about restricting access to other lethal means of suicide such as firearms (background checks), and certain prescribed medications for pain or other conditions. While there are exceptions, the clear majority of those who are thwarted in their suicide attempts do not later take their own lives, and are relieved at having a “second chance.” “Tall bridges” have always had a mystical draw for those in despair. Low barriers are also an additional compelling draw. The best prevention, of course, would be to help those who feel hopeless and who see no choice but to end their lives. The upcoming raising of our bridge barriers is an extremely vital additional step from many perspectives, including spiritual. John Koehler, Auburn