Bring back civility to our great country

Reader Input
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I used to consider myself a Republican but not any longer. I also don’t consider myself a Democrat. I’m completely disappointed with both parties. But more importantly I’m disappointed with supporters of each party. It seems as if civility no longer exists in this country. I have an acquaintance who’s involved with the tea party. I’ve heard her say nasty, horrible things about our president. What is hypocritical is that when Bush was president and liberals would say horrible things about him, she would say “people should respect President Bush just because he is the president,” but now that Obama is president she seems to have forgotten this. Not respecting each other is a common occurrence for both parties. You have Republicans booing a homosexual who has a question at a debate and you have liberals like Maxine Waters saying “The tea party can go straight to hell” and getting cheers for it. Where is the civility? Our country is a mess right now. There are politicians who won’t work with each other simply because they don’t want the other to succeed, even if the success would help our country. Our country is broken, completely broken, and it seems as if there aren’t any answers. As we approach the 2012 presidential election I hope the citizens of our country will work at being civil. I hope that we would all study the candidates and vote for who we think is best, no matter which party they are in. I also hope that we would treat others with respect and treat others as we’d like to be treated. Let’s bring the courtesy, the politeness and the civility back to our great country. Nancie Goodnough, Auburn