Bring back Prohibition

Reader Input
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Alcohol should be banned from stores and made illegal. Many people would vote against this, but drivers and citizens that are under the influence of alcohol kill many innocent people. Alcohol is like a drug; it makes the brain function improperly. This results in violent anger and other actions. The government would also protest against the ban. The tax revenue for alcohol is around $1 billion every year. It would be a nightmare to the government, due to revenue loss. Another reason it must be banned is that underaged drinking will never be fully controlled. The youths could just ask their friend who is the legal age to buy alcohol for them. The industries that produce alcohol could substitute with large scale farming, for example, a cotton factory or construction. A small amount of alcohol should be produced for medical purposes but be strictly regulated. Many may protest, but if a list of all the dead from alcohol were presented to the U.S., the majority of the citizens would support its ban. ALEX DOROFEYEV, student, Auburn