Bring on the bike braggadocio; Auburn bests Davis

Auburn tops region in per-capita biking mileage, Davis second
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Top communities per capita mileage

Auburn 2.89

Davis 2.47

Loomis 1.75

Source: Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Auburn has bested Davis for a second straight year in per-capita bike-riding mileage.

Davis, its flat, wide, straight streets built for biking, is home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

But hilly Auburn, with a determined and gritty mountain- and road-bike population, has bested Davis and 27 other communities in the region to retain mileage-per-capita bragging rights. Davis placed second.

So say the final numbers from the regional May is Bike Month competition.

The results from the May is Bike Month tally, released this week, show Auburn’s 38,507 total miles logged representing 2.89 miles per capita. Just under 32,000 of those miles were for recreational use.

Davis, with a larger population, tallied 91,032 miles – or 2.47 miles per capita.

Dave Carder, who regularly bikes to work at Auburn Running Company, said Auburn’s position ahead of Davis was a surprise.

“I thought it would be Davis because of the number of students,” Carder said. “But we still can do more. There are so many trips that are less than 3 miles but we’re a car-based society.”

Former Davis resident Mark Hajewski, who had stopped in Wednesday to Auburn’s Victory Velo Bike Shop, said he too was surprised that Davis had not topped Auburn in bike-riding activity.

“I wouldn’t have figured that, with the short jaunts they have in Davis,” Hajewski said. “I guess that they ride more ‘to and from’ in Davis while in Auburn, we have a lot more dedicated cyclists.”

Hajewski lived 13 years in Davis and now resides in Grass Valley.

“My feeling is a lot more people are here for the outdoor recreation,” he said. “That’s why we moved here.”

The six-county area logged bike-riding miles at a record pace all month, finishing with nearly 2 million miles cycled. During the month-long campaign, over 9,900 residents, 300 school and 1,300 employers recorded a total of 1.98 million miles for chances to win weekly prizes of bike socks, gift cards or bragging rights among fellow participants. That’s up from 1.75 million miles in 2013.

Loomis finished a distant third in per capita mileage, logging 1.75 miles per man, woman and child.

Top communities per capita mileage

Auburn 2.89

Davis 2.47

Loomis 1.75

Source: Sacramento Area Council of Governments