Bring our US soldiers home

Reader Input
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If there has ever been a time to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, that time is now! When Qurans were accidently burned, riots broke out. Six American soldiers were killed by Afghan security forces – killed by the troops that we trained! Qurans, and Bibles for that matter, are books printed by men. It is the message of the book that is sacred, not the printed pages. The Afghans are a primitive culture and are not ready for democracy. When an American soldier killed 16 Afghan villagers all the news sources were confused as to the reason. It was revenge for the killing of the six American soldiers. Wow, really! This war has ground on for over 10 years and it is high time to get out. The only thing keeping us there now are the gigantic egos of the Pentagon and the slow, steady pressure of those making billions on the war. We can do what we need to do from far away, using intelligence gathered from far above. It is time to do more than apply a decal to the bumper of your car. Really support our troops by calling your senators and congressman today and insisting that our soldiers be brought home A.S.A.P. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax