Brown's energy policy will make 'radical' difference

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After reading Les Polette’s attack on Charlie Brown’s energy policy statement, Journal letters, Aug. 13, I can only speculate that Les is an Exxon stockholder wallowing in his huge profits. (Exxon reports record 1.68 billion quarterly profit). What oil companies like Exxon are doing with the remainder of their huge income is buying the government and trying to buy you. Being in the medical profession, I know about addiction and the oil companies have done a fine job of getting every man, woman and child in this country addicted to their product. They raise prices on a whim. They lower prices just before elections to get their friends elected. They destroy public transportation. They force us to bow down to foreign countries that hate us. Now, in a multi-billion dollar advertising blitz, they are trying to tell you that we just need to let them drill where ever and whenever they want and the price of gasoline will magically come down. Come on. The rule of supply and demand just doesn’t work here. Recently Americans began using less gasoline due to high prices and the price dropped. However, when gasoline-addicted Americans begin to use more gasoline again, the price will go up, but to an even higher level. The only answer is a radical energy shift. Hybrid, wind, solar, hydrogen are not just mere fluff like oil stockholder supporters would like you to believe. They are real solutions. So is supporting higher mileage efficiency standards for all vehicles. So is supporting public servants like Charlie Brown who will work toward these goals. Herb Tanimoto Cool