Business saves yearly raft trip

Reader Input
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As I hide from the sun during my break from teaching special education at Placer High, I found myself reflecting on the school year. The program I teach is an independent living skills program with many lessons taught in the community. With the decline of educational dollars this has become increasingly harder to achieve. One of the most fulfilling activities that combines our educational objectives is an end of the year rafting trip from Coloma to Lotus. The cost of this trip made it unattainable this year, even with fundraisers. Then a local business came to our rescue. My deepest thanks go out to our local Auburn Toyota for sponsoring the entire cost of the trip for my classroom. It allowed my students a unique experience that combines so many of the common-sense objectives we work on. This was an experience they will draw from throughout their lives. I feel very fortunate to live and teach in a community that steps up in challenging times to offer amazing experiences to students. Thanks to Auburn Toyota for your great deed! Heather Snow, Auburn