Businesses have had decades to comply

Reader Input
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Concerning Assemblywoman (Beth) Gaines’ bill regarding ADA compliance (Journal, Feb. 23): I say: OK, another 120 days to comply, fine. But, good grief, businesses have had almost 22 years to comply! I am pro-business, but for the businesses screaming “unfair” and who have been hoping to stay under the radar, I have no sympathy. They complain about the current sluggish economy and their difficulty in even keeping their lights on. That is their problem now, but where have they been over the last 22 years before the economic downturn? And, remember physical disabilities aren’t always obvious or limited to folks in wheelchairs or using walkers. A number of years ago, my painfully arthritic knees qualified me for a handicapped placard for my car. But, that placard didn’t help me get into a business with stairs. So, I didn’t go into those businesses, and those businesses lost me as a customer. Also, for many years in the past, I worked with the special needs population as a teacher and administrator. I know their pain up-close and later my own pain. So, I say, if you want a thriving business and happy repeat customers, help them get in your door! Consider it part of your marketing plan. (You can even be self-serving and do it to grow your business.) Do your ADA accessibility modifications now! Your business will increase in customers as a result. LindaLou Haines, Colfax