California native fed up

Reader Input
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I am a native Californian and am truly fed up with how our governors and legislators past and present have just ruined this state. Kudos to all the voters who had the courage to vote down Prop. 1A through E and voted yes on Prop. F on May 19. This was without a doubt a step in the right direction, with a clear message being sent that we are sick and tired of the ineptitude going on in Sacramento. I’ve heard over and over and over again how our problem is not tax revenues but the abusive spending that is going on by our legislators in Sacto. Fixing California will not happen overnight but in time, if we stop the spending and stop the abusive taxation our state can get fixed. I recommend the following: 1) Eliminate the per diem pay to all legislators and any other state employees that may be getting same. 2) Make all legislators drive their own cars and pay their own insurance and gas just as employees who work for private firms must do. 3) Let’s get redistricting working properly and intelligently. 4) Streamline the workforce at Sacramento by letting them go just as private firms have had to streamline their workforce. Joan Cosme, Lincoln