Can’t Washington dangle more carrot, less stick?

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Consider these “carrots” as alternatives to the following “sticks” being presented by Washington: Instead of the “stick” of the proposed $900-plus billion over 10 years carbon credit (tax) program proposed to force industry to pay to pollute, how about a tax credit (the “carrot”)? For every dollar a firm would invest in energy efficiencies, pollution reduction, alternative energy sources etc, they would get a percentage of the spending directly off their federal corporate income tax bill versus the current operating expense deduction. Think that would inspire businesses to go green? Instead of the “stick” of the government nationalizing health insurance and serving as an inefficient collection agency, how about the following carrots: 1. Instead of the medical premiums for employees that employers currently get to deduct as an operating expense (low percentage off of corporate tax bill), they can deduct directly a percentage off their federal corporate income tax bill? Example: Say 50-75 percent of all employee medical premiums are directly deducted from the corporate tax bill owed. 2. For those individuals who do not have company-sponsored health insurance, they get to fully deduct (dollar for dollar) against their personal federal and state income taxes owed, the premiums for individual medical insurance. A family could have their federal and state income tax bill reduced by the amount of medical insurance premium they pay. The only problem with the carrot versus the stick? The government gets less of our money and therefore less control. Raymond Tan Auburn